This is a list of the episodes in How to Deal With a Yandere. (More to be added)

List of episodesEdit

Name Thumbnail Description
The narrator goes over the 3 list of objectives because Joey wonders what he can due about his yandere, Lily.
The Fairer Gender
This introduces Penelope as a major character and also Jessica. More objectives are set in this episode.
Yanderes with Benefits
Lily tries to act Joey's maid. At the end of the episode Joey wakes up thinking it was a dream.
That Monkey will Do
Joey ends up deciding to try to be a yandere for Lily, but Lily suspects he is cheating so he ends up normal quicker the Expected.
Good Times with Weaponry
More objectives are set in this epsiode, more so on weaponry. Lily also almost kills Joey over him wanting her to not use weapons. Thankfully he gets off free.

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